Blind Bookish Delight Box {Emerald}

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Welcome to the Blind Bookish Box! 

Here is how it works:

Step one: Select a book and add it to your cart

Step two: Select Box type (paying attention to any sizes that may be needed)


These boxes are not a monthly subscription and are in limited supply, although new books will be added all of the time! If you don't want a box and only want the book, you can do that as well just add it to your cart

Additionally if you only want a mystery Bookish Delights Product box you can do that as well!

 (Blind Bookish Delights Boxes often have limited edition items not available for purchase on the Bookish Delights Website or Etsy!!!)


Emerald: Blind-Date Book, 5 mystery products matching the theme of the book (tote and apparel item both guaranteed)


Boxes will always be equal or lesser than the price of good inside!

Please allow up to 3-weeks processing and shipping time for this item as it is hand tailored to each customer!